We are committed to openness and accountability in the management of your money. Covestor is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser and not a broker-dealer or a custodian so that our incentives are best aligned with yours.
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Our platform is built on the following core principles for Investment Advisers

Fiduciary Duty We act in your interests. You pay us, so we do the best job for you.
Eliminate Conflicts of Interest We strive to align incentives. We believe there is a benefit in harnessing great investment talent, and if structured fairly we all benefit together. We do not benefit from trading commissions, we don't take fees on cash that isn't 'working' and we compensate the portfolio managers on your behalf.
Suitability We aim to understand your investment goals and recommend portfolios that suit you.
Openness and Honesty We are committed to transparency in all we do.