Only here. The first way to really compare money managers.

Most asset management products and services from Wall Street firms -from mutual funds to ETFs to wealth management services - are hard to navigate, hard to understand, and hard to select. We bring the power of comparison shopping and the transparency of the Internet to the private world of money management services.

We believe:

  • All investors deserve access to talented money managers, regardless of where talent resides.
  • All investors deserve control and the right to switch investments and money managers without having to consider entry, exit or load fees.
  • All investors deserve to own the underlying stocks directly in their own brokerage accounts.
  • All investors deserve transparently displayed performance and risk metrics.
  • All investors deserve an advisor that puts them first.

We give you the tools to find, follow and invest alongside talented Portfolio Managers in the industry’s first marketplace of investment talent. Want total control? No problem. Need some guidance? That’s ok too.

We’re here to help you navigate.

Asheesh Advani


Investors in Control