How to pick a money manager

The term “Financial Adviser” (or "Adviser") is often used to define a trained professional who provides advice and counsel on matters that include financial decisions, tax preparation, financial planning and retirement. These individuals are also often involved in asset gathering and client relationship management.

The terms “Money Manager” or “Portfolio Manager” typically describe individuals or firms that specialize in running investment portfolios.

Covestor uses technology to provide you with the tools to help select Money Managers and Portfolio Managers that run high-quality portfolios. Our use of technology lets us offer you access to high-quality Money Managers and Portfolio Managers at lower fees than those typically charged by traditional financial advisers.

In addition to providing access to pre-screened Money Managers and Portfolio Managers, there are other benefits Covestor offers - including a separately managed account (SMA) structure, where assets always remain in your name in your own account. Clients can view Portfolio Managers’ holdings, trades and detailed portfolio performance metrics updated daily. Clients can also subscribe to or redeem from a portfolio at any time during standard market trading hours.

Click here to see the portfolios offered by Covestor. You can filter this list using the search tool to find portfolios that meet your desired characteristics. To ensure investments are of a suitable risk level, we use a portfolio risk score framework to set client risk scores and limit available portfolios you can subscribe to based on the information you provide.

For further information please check out our blog post on how investors should pick Money Managers.

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