The beauty of Covestor

Covestor. Get the best investment minds working for you.

An unprecedented range of exceptional talent

We've carefully vetted over 150 Portfolio Managers whose portfolios can be viewed, studied and mirrored with a Covestor account.
  • You'll find both professional investors and individual sector experts who are doing remarkable work for their own accounts.
  • Every Covestor Portfolio Manager has their own money at risk.
  • Collectively our Managers cover a complete range of strategies, sectors, and risk levels, so it's easy to find ones that fit your goals. And if you find a better match or your goals change, you can switch whenever you want.
  • There are verified and viewable track records for every Portfolio Manager, so you can see how they put their strategy into practice, and the net results they yield.

Find Portfolio Managers who are investing with the same goals
you have

Your money will mirror the trades of the Portfolio Managers you've chosen because you've found their strategies, backgrounds and track records compelling.
  • We'll personally help you identify Portfolio Managers who share your goals and your level of risk tolerance.
  • We independently analyze every manager and their portfolio, assigning each a Risk Score.
  • Every portfolio is clearly benchmarked against market indices.
  • Get regular updates on portfolio activity and where you stand.
  • Switch managers or cash out whenever you want, without penalty or mystery fees.
  • You can always speak directly with Covestor's investment advisers at any time, for assistance in finding the best portfolio managers for your financial goals or for general portfolio questions.

Our Portfolio Sync automatically mirrors every trade*

Once your account is open and funded, we will automatically re-create your manager's portfolio for you. From that point, whenever your Manager trades for their own portfolio, your account will precisely mirror all changes.
  • All securities are held in your name, in your own brokerage account.
  • You'll have complete transparency into every aspect of your Portfolio Manager's trading and your own account - view it online 24/7.
  • You're never locked in - you can switch Managers or cash out at any time.
  • No entry fees, exit fees, or load fees.
  • *We've got your back - certain trades will not be replicated based on Covestor's trading rules, which are designed to protect your account from undue risk. Learn more about our trading rules and performance drift.

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