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On Covestor’s marketplace you can choose from an array of portfolios that are managed by a single manager, a team of managers or multi-managers. Investing is a journey. You decide where you want to go. And you decide how you want to get there. But whatever you choose, remember: you're in the driver's seat.

You want diversity without giving up performance.

We give you access to a range of Portfolio Managers who have developed their own approaches for reducing volatility with a broad mix of asset classes. But don't think that means lackluster performance — our Portfolio Managers are always focused on outperforming index benchmarks like the S&P 500.
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You are more interested in yield income than growth.

We provide a whole spectrum of yield-focused portfolios that use a range of instruments and asset classes to generate competitive yields even in the most challenging interest rate environment.
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You want to avoid risk and protect your assets.

We help you safeguard your capital with a Portfolio Manager who focuses on developing a balanced, multi-portfolio approach that limits exposure, mitigating volatility while seeking steady performance.
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You want no-holds-barred growth.

We offer active and aggressive growth portfolios that allow you to invest in both long and short positions. The bottom line? Higher risk with greater potential reward.
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