Transparent risk, simply rated

Risk score 2, Long only

Before you allocate, we rate

All Covestor portfolios are assigned a risk score by our investment analysts. We compute the score based on the strategy of a given portfolio, and its contents.

As a client, your Covesting Account is assigned a risk score based on a short Suitability Questionnaire that you complete. We ensure that you do not allocate money to portfolios that have a risk score higher than yours.

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We know how risky it is out there. We want to make sure you
know too.

We know it's not enough to provide just a risk score in a vacuum. So we've also developed a suite of intuitive tools to let you make informed decisions on how much risk you're willing to take on in your portfolio.
  • In other places, you'll often see portfolio managers cherry-picking their best performance periods (Like Barbra Streisand insisting on being photographed only from her left side). Covestor always reveals the good, the bad and the ugly of our managers' portfolios.
  • We believe in clarity. You'll find plain English explanations, without the wonky financial-speak. And our clear graphics let you drill down into performance over time in a fully intuitive manner.
  • If you're a data hound, we've still got you covered – we compute and display an array of metrics from alpha to Sharpe ratio.

We've got your back.

While Covestor can't tell a portfolio manager what he/she can do with their own money, we can definitely ensure that only suitable trades are replicated for our clients subscribed to a portfolio.

Each and every individual trade that a portfolio manager conducts is scrubbed, in real-time, through a series of suitability filters before being passed along for execution to your client account. We check to make sure penny stocks and other non-liquid stocks are never bought in your account. This creates Performance Drift which at times benefits and at other times hurts our clients.

Learn more about our trading rules and performance drift.

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