Portfolio managers match your goals

Whatever your goals from high-octane growth to predictable yields
you'll find portfolios to please.

"I want to invest broadly in the market."

The majority of investors want to own a diversified basket of stocks and seek a turnkey solution to do this well.
We have a range of Portfolio Managers who have developed their own portfolio approaches for diversification in the broad market, with the aim to achieve steady growth that outperforms the S&P 500, but with lower volatility.

"I'm more interested in yield income than growth."

Investors who seek income should find the spectrum of yield-focused Portfolios on Covestor to be compelling.
Our Portfolio Managers use a range of instruments and asset classes to generate competitive yields in even the most challenging interest rate environment.

"I want to target specific market opportunities."

Convinced that a market sector like Alternative Energy is the future, and want to invest in its growth? Think the Brazilian economy will outpace other emerging markets? Want to trade alongside a master of the algorithm?
It's all here a broad range of sector, theme and investment strategies. Explore them.
Explore them

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