Completely transparent. Right down to the fees.

While we haven’t done any official studies, we’re pretty sure that nobody on the planet likes to see their money sucked into a black hole. We feel the same way. That’s why, with Covestor, you’ll always know upfront exactly how much you’ll be paying for what.

Let’s start with what you won’t pay when investing with us.

  • You’ll never pay sales fees
  • You’ll never pay load fees
  • You’ll never pay entry fees
  • You’ll never pay exit fees
  • You’ll never be charged for cash that’s not currently invested in a portfolio
No Fees

Full disclosure — we’re a business, so we do like to make money. Here’s how:

  • You pay a single fee for assets in your Covestor account
  • Depending on the portfolio, there is either:
    • an asset management fee ranging from 0.25% to 1.5% per year or
    • an annual asset management fee plus performance fees ranging between 2% and 12% of net positive performance. These “performance fee” portfolios are only available to qualified clients.
  • On portfolios that don’t charge performance fees, we keep 0.25% of the management fee and pass the rest to the Portfolio Manager.
  • On portfolios that do charge performance fees, Covestor keeps 2% of net, positive performance and passes the rest to the Portfolio Manager.

What about transaction costs? We’re glad you asked.

  • All Covestor transactions are executed quickly and precisely by Interactive Brokers.
  • Interactive Brokers is consistently ranked among the lowest cost brokers.
  • We never mark up any transaction costs.

What other fees will you pay?

None. At all. Seriously, we mean it.

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